How it works

Unlike pills, Erexanol's Magnus Virilis formula goes to work right away!* The powerful ingredients help improve the body's physical reaction to arousal, delivering targeted enhancement where you need it, when you need it. The result is larger, harder erections, improved virility and amazing sexual experiences you will want have again and again.

Erexanol does this by stimulating blood flow to the penis while increasing vasodilation, the expansion of the blood vessels within the penis. The potent blend of amino acids and botanical extracts are delivered through a cutting-edge transdermal delivery system to begin working right away. More blood flows into the penis, increasing both the size and firmness of your erection. In addition to amino acids and skin soothing extracts, Erexanol makes use of well known aphrodisiacs such as Maca Root, which is often referred to as "herbal Viagra." These increase virility, aid in the body's response to stimulation and aid in sexual pleasure.

This unique combination makes Erexanol the first choice of many men who want immediate male enhancement without the pasty medicine-like feel of most topical male enhancement products. Plus, Erexanol's smooth texture glides on easily, so it will never deter from the mood.

*Results may vary.

Powerful ingredients

The leading ingredients in the potent Erexanol formula are:

Panax Ginseng Root Extract - This powerful plant has been used since ancient times in traditional Chinese medicine as a sexual stimulant and performance enhancer for men. Panax Ginseng can improve the quality and duration of your erection for long-lasting sexual experiences.

Methyl Nicotinate - A key compound in Erexanol's transdermal delivery system, Methyl Nicotinate aids in the movement of botanicals and other compounds through the skin and directly into the bloodstream for fast results.

Maca Extract - From the highlands of the Andes Mountains comes this incredible botanical. Called "Latin American Viagra" or "herbal Viagra" by some researchers, maca is loaded with alkaloids and trace elements that combine to create a potent, all-natural solution to male reproductive issues. In fact, Peruvian natives suffering from ED are prescribed maca root with every meal! Our maca extract is 25 times more powerful than the whole plant, giving you a clinical dosage every time you apply Erexanol.

White Nettle - Stimulates the nerve endings and increases overall response to a wide variety of sensation. White Nettle adds to the stimulating qualities of Erexanol.

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Cutting-edge delivery system

Erexanol is manufactured using an advanced infusion process to infuse the powerful ingredients into a unique transdermal gel which quickly delivers the active compounds directly into the bloodstream. The blood carries these ingredients into the cellular structure of the penis within seconds. This process also protects the properties of the ingredients and ensures their full absorption. The result is an immediate increase in one’s erection size and strength, sexual vigor, and stamina.

Topical delivery is much more effective than oral delivery via capsule or pill. Not only do ingredients work faster, but also a much smaller effective dose is required.


Why Erexanol?

Whether they will admit it or not, most women believe that size does matter. This puts the many men with "average" or below average penis size in the minus column when it comes to offering women the satisfaction they desire. And makes many men feel as though they can't please their partners.

Thanks to Erexanol, many men have regained their confidence and can now offer their partners the larger, stronger erections they desire. If you're like most men, you will not only experience better, more satisfying sex, but you will probably notice that you will have more sex more often, as Erexanol, much like a new toy or piece of sexy clothing, provides the "spice" many relationships lack.

In addition, with a steady regimen of use, you will see a tremendous performance enhancement and an increase in erectile quality and overall sexual health. The Erexanol regimen is straightforward and easy: simply use Erexanol regularly 4 times per week (or every other day) on an ongoing basis. Over the course of 1-2 months you will see significant improvements in your penis -- and in your sex life! Try Erexanol today and see what a huge difference it can make for you!

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