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With Erexanol, getting down and dirty has never been this satisfying. If you've been looking for powerful male enhancement without delay, look no further. Erexanol's targeted Magnus Virilis formula goes straight to the source to deliver powerful ingredients targeted where you need them most.

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Erexanol increases blood flow to the penis by widening the blood vessels through vasodilation, which increases erectile length and thickness.

Erexanol can be easily passed off as a lube because of its silky smooth texture. The secret weapon is its potent ingredients that are absorbed by the skin. Erexanol gives you power and performance. Plus, it looks great sitting on your nightstand.

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Powerful Natural Ingredients That Work

Erexanol's all natural formula contains Panax ginseng, maca extracts, and methyl nicotinate for thicker, longer-lasting erections and explosive sexual stamina that is sure to blow his mind.

Erexanol combines the following natural extracts and amino acids in a soothing base, enhancing sexual performance and the quality of each and every sexual experience:

  1. Panax ginseng
  2. Maca Extract
  3. Green Tea Extract
  4. Methyl Nicotinate

Erexanol's incredibly potent natural extracts and amino acids not only enhance erection size and quality, but also heightens sexual performance and satisfaction. Erexanol turns up the heat by allowing more blood to flow into the penis -- resulting in harder, larger and longer-lasting erections!

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When can i Expect Results?

Erexanol delivers powerful enhancement where you need it, when you need it for instant satisfaction:

Unlike pills, Erexanol's Magnus Virilis formula has an instant effect! Within 60 seconds, the powerful ingredients help improve the body's physical reaction to arousal, delivering targeted enhancement where you need it, when you need it.

Within three minutes, you'll notice visibly larger, harder erections, improved virility and amazing sexual experiences you will want have again and again.


Erexanol Success Stories

"My partner and I have been in a long-term relationship for over nine years, but at some point the fire in the bedroom just burned out. Thanks to Erexanol, I've got the stamina and equipment for sweaty, red hot sessions we haven't had since our twenties. Thank you!"
– David S. from NY
"I used to be insecure about not measuring up and finishing too soon. But Erexanol has given me back the confidence to really enjoy sex again. The added length and girth doesn't hurt either."
– Doug B. from PA
"I've got the vigor and desire to go all night long with Erexanol. My boyfriend is exhausted but I just want to keep going and going. I gotta admit, it feels great being able to outlast the Energizer bunny."
– David S. from NY

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